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#BREATHABLECITIES World Campaign - Air quality in urban transport and impact on human health

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Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT), a foundation CREATED by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP), launched a multi-stakeholder initiative called #BreathableCities World Campaign, aimed primarily at measuring people’s exposure to and inhalation of air pollutants through different modes of transport in order to estimate impact on human health.


The #BreathableCities World Campaign is a sub-product of other wider initiative called #HealthyMobility World Campaign, devised also by the Y4PT Foundation in 2013, that focuses on sensitizing all transport-related mobility stakeholders around the world about the importance of giving priority to modes and means of sustainable transport, especially those environmentally and human health-friendly, such as those offered by public transport in combination with the so-called active transport (e.g. walking, cycling).

With the U.N. Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the horizon, Y4PT is doing its best to contribute to achieve universal sustainable transport coverage with public transport as cornerstone of multimodal mobility solutions.

By involving more cities over time, the #BreathableCities World Campaign will stand up as a better tool to benchmark urban transport systems around the world in terms of air quality and human health.



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For further information on the #BreathableCities World Campaign, please contact: Sebastián PERNET, Co-Founder and Treasurer, Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation – .