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ZeEUS – Zero Emission Urban Bus System

Bringing electrification to the heart of the urban bus network

COP21 countdown: ZeEUS is a part of UITP plan to tackle climate change

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With the upcoming United Nations COP21 climate meeting, the eyes are turned towards Paris as this crucial conference needs to result in a new international climate agreement. UITP, one of the 12 Members of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s High Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport, will play a key role as public transport is an indispensable element in the fight against climate change.

UITP showed already at the UN Climate Summit in September 2014 that voluntary commitments, outside the negotiations, can give positive results on tackling climate change and co-benefits (economic efficiency, health). On the occasion, UITP published also Climate Action and Public Transport, a collection of over 350 climate pledges and commitments to future action.

The ZeEUS project supports UITP efforts, by accelerating the implementation of electric buses in Europe. As stated in “Climate Action and Public Transport”, ZeEUS is one of the facilitators for introducing buses with low-carbon emerging technologies.

ZeEUS is therefore a part of the UITP’s agenda to reduce carbon emissions for the benefit of citizens and urban areas. At COP21, it will be equally included in the UITP’s outline of the public transport's position in the climate debate in order to show that the sector has the competence and is willing to act.